Top 10 Bowlers Who Take 100 Fastest Wickets In Test Cricket

Test cricket games can be quite monotonous and dull. The pace of the test series is sluggish, which makes it less engaging. Test matches are now the most difficult genre in the game’s long history. In the modern era of cricket games, when limited-overs cricket has been booming, it is difficult to envision bowlers having an influence on test cricket for a prolonged length of time. Here are bowlers who took the fastest 100 wickets in test.

Who are the 10 Bowlers Who Take 100 Fastest Wickets In Test Cricket?

#1 Ravichandran Ashwin

During the time Ashwin knocked Archer in Ahmedabad, he got to become the second fastest bowler who reached 400 wickets. Richard Hadlee and Dale Steyn get surpassed by this wonderful bowler.

#2 Colin Blythe

An astounding sluggish left armour with exemplary conveyance & circling direction! His emergence was liquid and agile, with steps finishing to the sublime conveyance. He pitched the ball high to energize one crash into an off-side field.

#3 Sir Andy Roberts

Limit or wicket, not the flash of feeling, would save a fighter’s restricting of eyes. Roberts took two years to arrive at this stage, and he arrived astounding – when he became the speediest of all. His experience & capacity to move the ball made him keep in test cricket from 1983 to 84.

#4 Alf Valentine

Valentine got picked for a visit through Britain in the year 1950 on the rear of playing two top-of-the-line games. He took two wickets at 95 in the matches. Goddard demanded, picking him for a visit through Britain.

#5 Ian Botham

The next is Ian Botham, who was not only the English cricketer of the 1980s. However, the most popular sports personality. He prompted endless newspaper headlines of subtle footballers before Gascoigne and Beckham as his career emerged to great peaks and limitless depths.

#6 George Lohmann

He bowled at a bit more than the medium pace but was incapable of making the ball seam both ways. His constant experiments resulted in changes in flight, angle, and velocity. He had been regarded as one of the most challenging opponents. From the era of 1996 to 1896, Lohmann was a right-arm medium-fast bowler who used to play test cricket.

#7 Yasir Shah

Yasir Shah happens to be the Afghan cricketer, hailing from Swabi. It’s a city on the Afghan border. Yasir is a leg-spinner, but Shah can bat too. He admires Warne & aspires to be like this personality. Yasir got the joint second-fastest bowler to around 150 Test wickets in September (2017). It was during the first test against Sri Lanka. In around 27 tests, he acquired the milestone.

#8 Sydney Barnes

Contemporaries have praised Charlie Turner as the greatest bowler in history. Even on the level terrain, he received hits. He now made a ball slip as well, and off-cutters moved quicker than off-breaks.

#9 Clarrie Grimmett

Grimmett was born in Dunedin on December 25 in the year 1891. He later represented Australia and was the first leg-spinner to use the flipper to throw batsmen off balance. He then gained recognition for his fruitful partnership with O’Reilly.

#10 Charlie Turner

This bowler dates back a decade. Sydney Barnes is a marvel and an enigma. Barnes participated in about 27 tests and averaged 16.83 wickets per game. He clearly qualifies as one of the best bowlers of all time based on the statistics and data.

So, they are the most incredible bowlers who took the 100 fastest wickets in test cricket.


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